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Boudin Stuffed JalapeƱo Poppers

Everyone loves a good jalapeƱo popper!!! These here are stuffed with boudin and pepper jack cheese before being wrapped in bacon šŸ„“ and finally glazed with a mixed berry pepper jelly!!
  • 6-8 large jalapeƱos
  • 1 stick of boudin
  • 1/2 block of pepper cheese
  • 8 pieces of bacon
  • A jar of your favorite pepper jelly
  1. Remove tops of jalapeƱos and remove seeds.
  2. Slice cheese into small sticks and stuff into jalapeƱo.
  3. Remove boudin from casing and stuff generously into jalapeƱo.
  4. Wrap each pepper with bacon.
  5. Grill on indirect heat at 300 degrees until bacon renders down.
  6. Heat pepper jelly in a small bowl until melted.
  7. Glaze peppers with jelly until sticky and done for your liking.
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