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Louisiana Twinkies

🔥 Welcome to the Bayou, where I'm giving a Cajun spin to the viral Texas Twinkies! Instead of the traditional meat, I'm using delicious crawfish to create these mouthwatering Louisiana Twinkies. Follow along as I make this unique, flavorful treat perfect for any gathering.






  1. Prepare jalapenos by washing, trimming tops, slicing in half, and removing seeds.
  2. In a medium bowl, combine cream cheese, cheddar cheese, crawfish tails, and Fire & Smoke Seasoning.
  3. Stuff filling in prepared pepper halves. Top with other half of peppers.
  4. Wrap securely with bacon, and dust tops with a little more Fire & Smoke Seasoning.
  5. Smoke at 300 until bacon is rendered.
  6. Try to wait until they cool to enjoy!
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