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Smoked Beef Ribs

These smoked beef ribs are the perfect star of any summertime backyard get-together! Let's get it smokin', y'all!

  • 1 rack beef ribs
  • BBQ seasoning
  1. Clean up beef ribs. I removed the entire fat cap because there is a thick silver skin underneath that doesn’t breakdown. I also peeled the membrane from the back.
  2. Season very liberally on all sides. I used my homemade rub, but you can use whatever you like. A simple salt, pepper and garlic would work great as well.
  3. Preheat grill to 225 with cherry wood for smoke. Setup for indirect cooking. I also put a pan with some beef stock underneath to help keep some moisture in.
  4. I cooked for 3-1/2 hours here until the crust was where I wanted it.
  5. I wrapped tight in 2 layers of butcher paper and placed back on grill. I raised the heat up to 300 and went 2 more hours until I could insert my probe with no resistance in the meat.
  6. Removed from heat and let rest in the paper for 30 minutes. Removed from paper and let rest another 20.
  7. Slice and enjoy. Add sauce if you like but not much is needed.
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