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Tomahawk Steak

Let this beautiful piece of meat be the star of your next dinner!
You’ll need a meat thermometer; it’s hard to gauge with a piece of meat that thick. I like to dry-brine which is just heavily salting and setting on a wire rack overnight. This will get the salt to penetrate the meat and also dry out the surface for when it’s time to cook. Take out the steak and let come to room temperature a couple hours before you plan on cooking. I do what’s called a reverse sear, and you can accomplish this in an oven, grill or smoker. It pretty much means to cook the steak at a low temperature until the internal is about 120 degrees then sear it really hot to develop a crust and take it to the final desired temp. I used my charcoal grill for this and cooked the steak at 250 until it reached 120. Took it off and let rest while I added coals to get the grill as hot as possible. Then a few minutes each side on top of the screaming hot fire, charred it up and brought it to a 130 internal. Let rest at least 10-15 minutes before slicing. Add some garlic butter at the end and let melt all over the steak.
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